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March 3rd, 2007, 05:16
As always, Josh Sawyer has a lot of interesting thoughts, and I like the way he tries to come at things from a different perspective but I think he's setting his bar pretty high if he thinks the "serious" topics he mentions are going to be effective in a game:

Why doesn't anyone make a game about poverty? Why doesn't anyone make a game about capitalism and the rights of laborers under it? Why doesn't anyone make a game about racism?
because it wouldn't be any fun to play?

He seems to realize this when he then says:

…People don't want to talk about things like poverty or racism or the pros and cons of a capitalist society -- because they suck.
and if these topics are seldom explored to any purpose in films and literature, how much less effective would a game be?

On the whole I prefer a quote from the interview with the dev at Gamecock:

“But I do completely disagree with …the idea that this industry needs to “grow up.” This industry needs to lighten up. We make games. "
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