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March 3rd, 2007, 11:42
Originally Posted by Geist View Post
There's no fundamental rule stating that most people only want action and simplistic cliched narratives. This view is constantly cultivated and reinforced by the games industry, but is it an accurate reflection of human nature, or merely an attitude that we've become conditioned to accept?
Perhaps neither. Like you, I don't believe that morally ambiguous scenarios or realistic motivations would necessarily harm the sales of a game. I think that the average game writer throws you into endless battles of good vs evil, pitting you against cardboard villains with no better reason for their actions than a lust for power, because he's not very good at his job. Better writing will follow the inflow of better writers to the industry.

Mind you, I would be the first in line to not play "a game about poverty". Forget that.
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