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March 3rd, 2007, 13:52
Actually, I happen to agree with mr. Sawyer….

But I also feel the need to point that in games such as Baldur's Gate 1, there was a brothel, where you could free the prostitues, iirc. In ICWD 1, there were a slave pen, where some race (the yanti) held people captive. IN BG2, there also was a slave pen, where you also could free the slaves. And also in BG2, there were the
svirfneblins who were forced to work against their will; you could also help free them.

I think maybe the good Mr. Sawyer has forgotten Morrowind (and Oblivion) and how the Dunmers hate (sort of) other races like he has forgotten that one of the finer points in MW main story, iirc, is whether or not, you will free the slaves.

I agree that as of yet we can't talk about slavery & poverty & labourer's right in realistic terms. Therefore wee need to talk of these things when they are set in
a fantasy setting like the narrative structure in BG1 or Planescape Torment.

But maybe, just maybe we could make games about real things, conflicts and interests. I know that there is a game being made in Denmark by Deadline
Games which features a journalist in the Middle East conflict. The main mission is to get as much information as possible from both sides of the conflict. I also know that Red Cross as well as the United Nations have games which features how to get aid to people that has just been through catastrophes such as the tsunami of late 2004.

I also think that the main plot outline in NWN2 touches a bit about on poverty as you are just a farm boy, who happens to be in the right spot at the right time when something is happening. The same goes for the main plot in Dungeon Siege 1.

However, I would certainly think that adventure game that features an investigative reporter uncovering child labor, slave labor an underpaid labor,
would be a very cool idea.
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