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March 3rd, 2007, 18:27
Originally Posted by Ionstormsucks View Post
As far as I understood Saywer, he really wants some in-depth discussion of such named themes, which does not only offer a black, and a white side, but also shades of grey. But I think that is fairly impossible. One who places themes like these at a core of a game will find himself, sooner or later, forced to voice an opinion. You might try to be objective, but I doubt you'll succeed since these are highly emotional topics. You cannot discuss the war in Iraq without giving an opinion… at least not for long. At least the danger of not being objective is always there.
There's no objective interpretation of a contentious subject. In those cases, objectivity means presenting the different sides of the debate. Fiction is particularly suited to this, since it allows you to impart those opinions to your characters, to voice and to act on them. You'll only be as successful as your understanding of the subject and your honesty will permit, but that limitation doesn't push "shades of grey" out of the realms of possibility. It just puts it beyond the reach of the writers who come up with the likes of the Far Cry story.
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