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March 4th, 2007, 12:37
Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
Moral choices can be placed in games and have been successfully; the Fallouts for example, and from what I've read, The Witcher will also. Unfortunately, Diablo sold better!! That's the bottom line for a publisher.
Well, of course you can implement moral choices into a game. Nearly every modern RPG does it, and many other game types as well. But that's not what Saywer is talking about…

Even video games with good writing are usually banal and puerile in their content. The exploration of themes in games is typically shallow and any didactic purpose the writers attempt to achieve is usually aimed very low. When an eleven year-old already inherently comprehends and accepts the lesson you are trying to impart, you know you're not dropping the bucket too deep into the well. A converse problem is that the themes being explored are so far outside of a player's daily concerns that they simply do not care.
He seems to want to leave that somewhat abstract area of moral choices and do something more concret. But to be honest, I'm shivering if I think about the didactic purposes that writers might try to implement into games.
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