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March 4th, 2007, 17:48
The thread on NMA derailed a bit into thinking this was Fallout 3 art, rather than an art test, prompting MSFD (Bethesda dev) to send me a pm to clear it up. Repost here:
When an artist applies for a job at Bethesda, they are often given a 2D drawing and asked to create a textured, 3D model, so they can show how well they can take concept art and turn it into 3D art. That's the kind of "art test" Jonah's talking about. It wasn't a proof of concept or anything like that.

Jonah is working at Bethesda, hired also on the basis of that art test, and the art test is based on concept art, so it's indirect concept art.

Heh, after all these years, we're kinda art-starved.

PS: prevailing rumours hold an announcement on GDC, which would make sense, there's been a lot of hint-dropping for it. I won't say, though, I haven't heard anything first-hand.
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