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March 4th, 2007, 17:58
Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
I'm shivering thinking about playing a game based on poverty and American capitalism!!!!
Hehe, me too. But let's face it… we can discuss the pros and cons as much as we want. The major question however seems to be - would games want such topics, even if it were possible to persent them in a playable from.
After all, video games in general adress a certain audience. And I'm not talking about age groups here. I mean have a look at the movies. The overwhelming part of movies that are made are action and adventure movies. Maybe a few horror movies, crime and love. But there are very few political movies, and most of them are not overly successful when it comes to earning money. It's basically the same with books. More or less at least. Here the rate of political books, or books that adress social problems might be somewhat higher, but production costs are much lower.
Now look at the games industry - I'm not an expert, but from my impression it seems to be a hard business. Be successful and sell a lot of games, or you won't get any more money for your next game. I doubt that games that would pick up political or religious themes would be extremly successful. I'm not sure if I'd buy them. If I'm playing a game, I want to relax. Games belong (for me) to the world of entertainment that is very much keyed to fun, action, and adventure. If I want information about war in Iraq, discrimination of foreigners, child labor, etc. I pick up a newspaper or a book that is dealing with such a topic.
Don't get me wrong, I don't think that Saywer's intentions are wrong or something, but I think they are a bit too ambitious.
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