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March 4th, 2007, 20:40
You listed Clive Barker's Undying; it can't be mentioned without comparing it to Realms of the Haunting (yes, once again ). RotH (which preceded Undying by several years) tried to merge the shooter and adventure genres; it delivered a strong haunted house story that actually spanned several realms. Most critics loved it while sales bombed: 'average' adventure gamers found it too heavy on action while 'average' shooter gamers thought there was too much pixel-hunting going on. It still has a strong fan base, and those who loved RotH found Undying the only game that came close in style and atmosphere. There even was a fan project about a RotH remake with the Undying engine; alas, it never came to fruition as far as I know.

Realms of the Haunting (1996)
Main Character: Adam Randall, son of a recently deceased Cornish priest
Noteable Characters: Rebecca Trevisard, unexpected little helper; Claude Florentine, schemer; Aelf, Hawk and Raphael, good guys; Belial, Gaul and the Dodger: bad guys; the Gnarl: strange guy.
Story: Adam's father died in a fire; shortly afterwards, he is visited by a former colleague of his father's, who gives him a box full of broken coins. When Adam visits the mansion where his father lived before he died, he soon discovers that he won't be able to leave without solving its mystery…
This may sound like your typical Haunted House story, and it is… with nice twists and a unique atmosphere.
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