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March 4th, 2007, 21:35
Originally Posted by Jaz View Post
I don't mind outdated graphics at all.
I have a problem with year 1995-2000. Thoose were experimental years. The passover from 2d art to 3d art. Prior to year 2000 the polygons/textures was of a such low quality that they remind me about virtual reality rather than an attempt to create an actual world. Post 2000 (Deus Ex and forward) the maps started to look more like real 3d rendered places, with improved character models with real faces/facial expressions and higher textures.

Another technique I cannot stand though are lowres games using digitized actors or bitmapped 3d renderings downscaled to low resolution. This is the 2nd reason I have problems with the 1995-2000 era. For example, Toonstruck or Darkseed.

I can, however, appreciate handdrawn 2d art. Such art does not feel cheap which makes them as impressive today as when the game was first released. Because of this, I play many 2d games, and I have a personal goal to beat all adventuregames that was released up to 1995 as long as they had some recognition as good games.

All of this sadly means that System Shock 2 is a bit outdated by my standards as well. If I would play it today I would use the high-res texturemods.
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