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March 4th, 2007, 23:42
Would you believe Civ 4? Though my main love is RPGs (with a collection going back to the early 90s) I has always been a sucker for the Civ games. Civ 4 appears to have corrected some of the bits that Civ 3 made very hard. Have you tried to defend when you don't have iron but the other guy does and nobody will trade? Defending and throwing units at a technological superior enemy is no fun. 9/10 for Civ4.

The demos for Messiah and Gothic 3 - not sure what to make of them. The Messiah engine runs like a dream but the story in the demo was very limited. Gothic 3 - control systems a bit naff but I think I can learn to use them.

Before that played BG2 - SoA using the Fade mod. Waiting for the extension of the Fade mod for the ToB part. Still a 9/10.

Oblivion is next on the list and perhaps KoToR or maybe the other way round.
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