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March 5th, 2007, 14:52
Will it be available in Canada?

Originally Posted by Ionstormsucks View Post
I doubt that games that would pick up political or religious themes would be extremly successful.
Yet, plenty of games have taken up these themes and been reasonably successful. Morrowind was set in a land in the throes of religious strife, whose citizens relied on slavery, while themselves suffering under the yoke of military occupation. It even featured a monopolistic 'corporation' that was corrupting local factions in order to secure exclusive access to valuable natural resources. These are heavy political themes. The Gothics and Fallouts have ventured into similar areas.
A game doesn't have to take place on 21st or 20th century earth in order to deal with difficult issues that humanity has had to grapple with for millennia, that we face today, or that we might have to tackle in the future.

The issue, imo, is not WHETHER games should take up such themes(they already do), but HOW they go about presenting them. The current method is, as has been copiously pointed out, juvenile and simplistic - akin to a treatment of American capitalism played out on a monopoly board.
I have nothing against a game which has no greater aim other than to be fun. But, if, as a developer, you do decide to lower your bucket down the well and pursue more complex subjects, then don't bring it back up with only a splash of water; at least try to do the subjects some justice. I agree with magerette that the chances of that happening are slim, but there are some glimmers of hope on the horizon. The devs of Two Worlds, The Witcher, and Dragon Age all profess to place an emphasis on more mature storylines and even Bioshock aims to focus on endowing enemies with emotions and realistic behavioural patterns. Maybe we're slowly climbing out of the rut.
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