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March 5th, 2007, 22:07
Originally Posted by titus View Post
and also, he did a lot of damage to me, I could hit him a few times and then choose heal or die
sorry for the of topic
First you need to destroy these thingies (was it crystals?) that he uses to regenerate. Just ignore him and keep running around the room in circles and destroy those things that are mounted to the tops of those columns first.
Then make sure you use every available buff on yourself and every available DoT on the bad guy.

When that is done, keep running around the room in circles (up the ramp on either side, down the ramp, up the ramp again on the other side etc). The pathfinding of NPCs isn't very good so you will eventually gain some distance between him and yourself after a few rounds.
Now use the pause button every once in a while (when you're out of his range) and attack him ONCE, then immediately start running in circles again. Do that about 100 times (it takes quite a bit of time) and quick save often. Malak will drop eventually.

It basically depends on your offensive capabilities. It definitely sucks a bit that the whole game is party-based and super-easy up to that point. I barely had any offensive capabilities on my own character because I decided to make my NPC party members the damage dealers. I think the only attack that was not resisted in the end fight was Force Wave so I was stuck having to use that one. It's pretty low damage so it took me a very long time to defeat Malak.

That was not a very nice decision of BioWare to pull that kind of surprise out of the hat. Maybe it would have been better if you would have been able to pick the character that you want to throw at Malak because if you make a character that relies more on buffs, DoTs and defense then there's a good chance that you will have some real trouble with the end fight. What do they think at Bio? That we're Nostradamus or something? I hate it when a game goes "Haha surprise… neenerneenerneener you picked the wrooong skiiiilllls… neenerneenerneener"
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