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March 5th, 2007, 23:36
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
Very good point … I guess coming from a FPS background I always set myself as #1 damage doer - even as a Mage I set up for attack and use others for buffs. So in this battle my first character was a Consular, but has maxed Force Speed and Dual Weapons as well as offensive FOrce Powers, so I could turn on speed, toss a maxed Wave to knock him back, then chop away with dual sabers for 6 attacks per round.
Hehe, I'm also coming from an FPS background but if an RPG offers up a lot of non-combat skills then I'm always extremely curious and tempted to find out how far those will (or will not) get you or what options other than combat will be accessible by making use of those abilities.
In other words: I sometimes love to intentionally gimp my character(s) just to find out how well the developers anticipated that someone would make such retarded choices as me .
Oh well, in the end it just took a lot of patience, but I guess I should have chosen Bastila or that old Jedi (forgot the name… Jindo?) for the diplomatic/defensive roles. Would have made the end fight a lot easier .
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