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March 7th, 2007, 16:04
Warren sure does bring out a lot of emotion in gamers.

I think the best advice we could collectively offer WS would be, "Show me, don't tell me. Now shut up and go make a game." I don't care if he has to effectively go indy and do it all out of his garage with only a couple coders and artists. Stop talking about what you would do if someone gave you a hellalota money, Warren. You didn't need $50 million and a 100 heads to make UU, Thief, or DX. Stop chasing the money and put your development effort where your mouth is. Forget whatever inclinations towards excess you picked up from the Garriotts. Forget the idiocies so rampant in the industry today.

Make a game. Ship it. Impress us.

You've done it before. Now go do it again.
Hammer, anvil, forge and fire,
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