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March 7th, 2007, 16:20
Oh yeah, and for the small levels, lack of rope arrows, etc. Those are technical issues. I don't think Warren should be blamed for those.

Go peruse the T3 editor forum on TTLG. The engine used for DX:IW and T3 was… poorly implemented. And that's being polite. The guy who wrote it evidently left ISA part way through the project, and they were stuck with a mess, not enough time left to start over, and no one who understood it well enough to fix, optimize, or completely overhaul the whole of it.

The only blame I'd level towards the engine development would be a general blame towards all of management. If you're going to take an existing engine, gut it, and rebuilt it, then you'd better have some serious oversight on the effort to make absolutely certain the work can be done early enough to either manage all of the issues that arise, or pull the plug and fall back to the original engine. By the accounts I've heard, whoever redid the engine was given free reign, and only too late did they realize the hole they'd dug for themselves.

Mind you, I'm going on heresay here. Most of what I've heard has been second hand accounts of off-line comments by the devs, who are understandably reluctant to air dirty laundry on the problems that came up during DX:IW and T3's development.
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