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March 7th, 2007, 19:22
I used to be very interested in this game, but for various reasons I'm barely keeping an eye on it anymore:
1) Single character click-based combat really isn't my thing. I like click-style strategy type of combat when controlling parties, but when I only control one character I prefer to use the keyboard - and I'm not talking about Jade Empire/KotOR type of click, I mean click-to-walk, click-to-attack type of thing.
2) Looting. The main character always looks the same, same swords, same armor, same appearance - I don't mind not being able to customize my character, but I prefer to have various weapons and/or armor to change certain things at least.
3) The world looks really good, but at the same time it looks flat, like 2,5D(NWN and similar) instead of full 3D.

I somehow get the feeling that the Witcher has the low points of Jade Empire and NWN2, without the same high points.
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