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March 7th, 2007, 22:53
That I can understand. You're still feeling the burn of Invisible War.

You're right that it still does have a chance of being a steaming pile of poo ala Deus Ex Invisible War. Of course all the blind moronic reviewers will give it 80-90% scores if it's just like Invisible War…but to me that game was absolute trash. Not even worth paying $15-$20 bargain bin price to play. Maybe worth $5 just to see how horrible it was.

The fact that Bioshock is being made simultaneously for the 360 & PC could be a bad sign. But I think (hope) they're going to prove that it can be done so that neither game is hurt by that fact.

I'm probably setting myself up for massive dissappointment but I think this game will push gaming forward the way System Shock 2 did (or should have). Since I'm looking forward to this game above all other PC games this year…I sure hope it doesn't live up (down) to your expectations. Of course I pre-ordered STALKER too…so I might just be an optimist (or a sucker).
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