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March 7th, 2007, 22:58
I'm with the doc on this one . Nothing really new or impressive has been shown so far. That trailer is just showing off some *boom* and some *flash* and then some more *boom*. Well, and that attacking a big daddy is a stupid idea. OK. Great. Thanks for the advice.

Otherwise I'm not sure what there is to be excited about. With the exception of the 1950s deco and art style, there is absolutely nothing original to be seen here in my opinion.

So I hope that they will show a little more of the gameplay and the story progression in upcoming trailers. But my expectations are fairly low since Ken Levine said that they are building the levels and the gameplay first and then constructing a story around it all later. Kinda like id's method when they make a new Doom or Quake or Blizzard when they made Diablo. That's why I don't expect this game to have a memorable story at all.
Also, there's a good chance that playing around with the gimmicks, gadgets, remote controls and weapons will get old after a couple of levels.

We'll see though. I still have some little hope left to be positively surprised by one of the next trailers or better yet the demo that will hopefully come out before the game's release.
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