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March 8th, 2007, 20:54
Whatever the number of Chinese and Korean players is, the success of WoW in the Western world is absolutely amazing and unmatched. The game has AFAIK never ever left the top 10 PC charts in the U.S. ever since it came out in the fall of 2004. It has in fact claimed the top spot for many, many months in a row, only to be pushed off the #1 spot occasionally by a Star Wars, Sims or EA sports title. Well, and now it's getting "pwned" in sales by its own expansion .
Now even if we assume that 75% - 80% of WoW's current players have already bought BC (which would be a very daring guess IMHO… the real number is probably much lower), it would mean that the game has an active subscriber and player base of about 5 million in the territories where BC has shipped so far.
Who really cares if there are another 3 million "not real" Chinese and Korean "subs"? Even the (quite probable) number of about 5 million regular subs is several 100% more than the next contender has. It's impressive either way .
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