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March 10th, 2007, 01:30
@ aries100: What makes you think that Bethesda made the game for Xbox kiddies in the first place? You're just assuming that but you don't know.
I believe (and this belief is supported by what I read in various interviews with Pete Hines and Todd Howard) that it's much more likely that Bethesda did in fact make the game for the 25 - 35 year old (Xbox) gamer. The casual gamer obviously.
Let's face it: The "normal" 25 - 35 year old person has finished college (or is very close to it), has a job, has a girlfriend or a wife and maybe even kids and probably has some other hobbies besides gaming like sports, going to the movies, watching TV and DVDs, reading etc etc etc…
Those people barely have any time for gaming due to all of their other activities.
That is the target group of Bethesda. That's why there's level scaling so you can hop into the game for 30 minutes or an hour before bed time and have some fun instead of having to grind levels.
This game is (IMHO) 100% aimed at the 25 - 35 year old casual gamer crowd.
If this game would really be aimed at kiddies -who usually have plenty of free time after school, much more than the 25 - 35 year old casual gamer- then it would probably be a lot more hardcore and take much longer to achieve things in order to keep the kids interested in the game.

And don't forget that the game is rated 'M' so any responsible parent should just take it away from their kiddies anyway .
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