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March 10th, 2007, 05:32
Personally, I'm going to stick with my own personal(and others') Akavir setting theory, as it IS mentioned in one of the random "conversations" that I heard in Oblivious before dumping it like a bad habit.

Beyond that, fully expect further dumbing down e.g. beat, throw, make pretty lights for the skills, no books whatsoever(reading is teh hard esp. for the illiterati), single conversation "options", and more pretty grafix. I'd also fully expect the game to clock in at c. 10h(maybe less) of play time with a boatload of $3-5 2 or 3h addons.

Arena: yeah, it was big, but the game just felt poorly developed and limited overall.

Daggerfall: Sure it was smaller, but it felt like they actually made an attempt to flesh out the RPG "system", and conversation system. I also found the backstory to be much more interesting than Arena's and also appreciated the randomly generated quests in addition to the fixed/fully scripted quests along with the randomly generated areas. I really missed that the following 2 games as areas really felt like cookie cutter pieces, followed by an opposing direction in the RPG system, dumbing down in MW, and REALLY dumbing down in Oblivious.

I fully expect that Bethesda will see their sales for Oblivious as proof that all they need are teh pretty grafix and not much else, along with the host of other insidious design decisions that entirely ruined Oblivious(even with mods as so much is embedded into the engine itself). I could've tolerated Oblivious more if it weren't for those moronic design decisions and the truly crap A"I", even BW does a better job on A"I" and they're not so hot either.

On a totally unrelated note, it's nice to see that G3 has sold through .5M copies, as that surely must represent a reasonable profit for PB, so there may be hope for something better.
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