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March 10th, 2007, 06:31
"Jonathan: I understand. Ahem, any relations to Harvey Smith?

Randy: Yeah, we're brothers.

Jonathan: Of blood?

Randy: Sure, sure.

Btw, I cant see your gamesutra link since we allarently have to regester.
Kk, since I get the idea you intend scarcasim (not in a bad way, at least to me . ), and I am always willing to learn.
If team members get fired/layed off and are not their for completion of the project, let consider for the moment it could have been unabmible split, would they get credit for working on the title credits?

Also I never said it was absolutly 30 people either did I, nope I said about and best of my memory from 7 years ago.
So if you basis for believeing or not, is Omg he didn't know the exact number!
Well it would make this really not worth talking about.

Maybe this its misinformation, it's how I recall it and the Smith's being brothers was easy to show it happened only 6 months or so ago, but this wasn't very public back 7 years ago and I even remember WS talking about the team split on Deus Ex and no I am not refering to IW.

I have no problems with remembering things incorrectly, but fact is so far nothing has really changed my mind or memory and its really too much trouble to scour dead forums and news from 7 maybe 8 years ago.
I also like Moby, so I am not knocking them it's just not sure if every person whom worked on the game is listed.
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