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March 11th, 2007, 01:00
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i would agree with your ranking of cold fear but i thought the setting was a fairly novel idea. i can't think of any other game that captured the feeling of being on the ocean even close to as well as this game did with the occasional crashing waves and the constant ocean swaying that almost made me have to take dramanine. weather effects in games are always a serious atmosphere booster for me. the controls/weapons i thought were above average to for a survival horror game. but yes the story and scares were nothing of the memorable sort. but if you like survival horror games i'd say this game is a must to your list.
I love horror games/movies and I tend to watch/play all of them, even the badly rated ones. The idea of a survival horror on a ship was exciting since it felt different. The concept was great. The ship was nicely done, as well as the other area… but there was something lacking from the game that made the whole thing feel uninspired and not that interesting. Overall the story did not feel great enough and the fact that you could not team up with the russian mercenaries annoyed me. And the whole plot felt cliché to the end.

One thing I never understood…
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