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March 11th, 2007, 10:33
I know this is kinda tangental to the subject but . . .

As consoles become more like PCs in terms of components, why couldn't PCs take advantage of the OS that are used on consoles?

The Xbox 360 uses a version of Windows 2000, though with a much smaller footprint than the full version because it doesn't need to do anything other than gaming. The console has only 512 megs of RAM and two 3.2 ghz processing cores.

I can now duel boot my PC with Windows and Linux, why couldn't we have the general purpose OS and a specific gaming one, without having 30+ processes running in the background that I don't need.

Would this really be so bad? My computer components are generally better made than those found in the 360 and if something breaks, I can swap out rather than deal with an integrated mess. As it is I emulate Playstation games on my PC and prefer to play them on my PC than on the console. Gaming OS would have to be tailored to the general specs of the PC but we already do that with Linux distros.
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