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March 11th, 2007, 10:37
Originally Posted by JemyM View Post
The primary reason PC is a lesser gaming platform today, is:
1. Microsoft. Their push on the XBox platform instead of their Windows platform have heavily managed to ruin the interest of producing games for the windows platform and also ruined the interest in Vista. Games always pushed the PC market before XBox.
I disagree with that. The market that is currently taken by the Xbox would be occupied by another company if Microsoft wouldn't have taken it. Maybe Nintendo or Sony would be bigger than they are now. Or maybe Sega would still be around (as a console manufacturer). No one knows. But someone would be in Microsoft's place for sure if they wouldn't have taken that place.
However, for the PC, I believe it's much better that MS owns that piece of the market than some other company because Xbox games can relatively easily be ported to the PC while Nintendo and Sony games require a little more effort (and thus cost). If Nintendo or Sony and/or any 3rd party other than MS would dominate the console market then there's a good chance that the PC would be doing even worse if the porting would be more difficult.
It's not Microsoft's fault that people generally seem to enjoy console gaming from their living room couches more than PC gaming. It's just the way that the market has swayed in recent years as gaming has become more mainstream.
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