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March 11th, 2007, 18:20
"In 2004, the industry’s economic loss from piracy was estimated at $3 billion"
Impressive number… but how do they know that? Door to survey? "Excuse me, do you pirate warez?" Did they pirate the 3 billion themselves? As it stands there is more proof in God than in this.

"Part of the problem is piracy. Big titles get stolen by cyber thieves, and it hurts revenue. "The market," said Capps, "that would buy a $600 video card knows how Bittorrent works.""
Then dont make your game require a fucking $600 video card and people might have spare cash to buy it!

"the abandonment of PC development and focus on console games, where piracy is not as prevalent."
Wii=Chiped, 360=Firmware Hack, PS3=Loader being worked on….

"better physical protection for games"
Because StarForce was so well received….

"and a change in consumer attitudes will help combat piracy"
No a change in developer attitudes will help combat piracy, NWN2 would have been worth the money if I didnt have to restart my char twice, Gothic 3 would have been worth it if it didnt give me a headache the very first time i played it, DMoM&M would have been worth the money if I could load it up anymore… Its doesnt feel like I've bought games here, it feels like I've bought potential games that may become games and it makes me less willing to chance buying other might-be-games. I'll do you a deal right here and now Mr. Hollenshead you do your job and finish the goddamn game and I will buy it, until then you cant complain about people not paying you for the work you haven't completed.
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