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March 11th, 2007, 20:56
No-one asks or does a study about users having "economic loss" because of using bad software (software that does not work as it should, has lots of bugs etc.) …

Everything is so economized these days ! Even humans are merely called "human resources" !

his "economization" is of course in favour of the industry. No-one does *really* strong security software for home users, because it wouldn't sell. They rather take a possible loss of a user's data as granted, because "he doesn't need strong security" (read : as strong as companies need it).

Last year I was talking with an guy about encryption. In his arrogance, he told me that home users don't need that. Well, maybbe he's right, but what makes me actually angry is the path where this thought-pattern leads to : Home users don't need no strong security, because they don't own anything that deserves it.

Same goes for bnuggy siftware. The home version of norton is - I heard - completely different code than the enterprise version !

So - Norton is willing to sell low-level software to home users because they know they wouldn't sue them - or even if they wanted to, they maybe couldn't because home users just don't have the money for that.

But big, big companies could do this very well ! So, companies like Symantec have to fear big companies they sell software to, because these big companies could very effectively sue them ! So, their Enterprise version is - I expect this - much, much more bug-.free, than a home-user's version …

Same goes for games. Home users just don't sue. And the companies know that.
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