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March 11th, 2007, 23:21
In my opinion, those of you who think piracy is price or quality related are way off the truth in most cases. I believe most people pirate, simply because they can. End of story.

It's relatively easy and maybe just a little bit exciting to know you are getting something for free while doing something illicit. Stickin' it to the man, baby!

I don't know if the $3B is accurate, nor do I know if those people would actually buy the games if they had to - the argument that people pirate games they wouldn't necessarily otherwise buy holds some merit for me.

…And just proves people pirate because they can. There's no reason to pirate a game you aren't even really all that interested in other than you can. Can't afford it (but can afford the Geforce 8800 to run it), quality isn't good enough (but yet it's good enough to spend your time playing it) are all bullshit justifications.

Sure, the industry could reduce piracy a little with simultaneous worldwide releases (which is an issue) better quality, accessibility in some countries and so on but that's just around the fringes.
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