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March 12th, 2007, 01:28
Originally Posted by abbaon View Post
Edit: Make that illegal rather than criminal. I don't think the sort of piracy we're discussing is a criminal offense in any country.
I'm not sure what exactly you mean by this but in Germany you'll usually be dragged to court twice. Once to a criminal court where you will probably get away with a small fine if you are a first time offender and then a second time to a civil court if the publisher of the games you pirated decides to sue you. Depending on the number of games you pirated, this [the civil thing] can get very expensive. Not crazy expensive but you'll most likely be out of a few thousand Euro if you have a "respectable" collection of isos.
The only way to escape a trial is if the offender is under the age of 13 or if the amount of pirated games is completely negligible.

Also, I think that Dhruin and you are both right. The "just because they can" argument does kind of include every single other argument that you can think of in regards to why people pirate games. Most people who pirate on a regular basis probably don't really think about it consciously anymore. It might have started out with being short on money and then it turned into a habit. Those people will habitually visit their favorite warez site on a regular basis and just download whatever interests them. They are no longer consciously applying a thought process like "Hmmm… shit, I got $50 for the rest of the month. I can't buy that game. Let's see if I can find a free copy." - No, instead pirating has become like visiting their favorite porn or news site to them. They just check if there's something new and cool to be downloaded so effectively they pirate games just because they can.
Typical male hunter and gatherer behavior. It's been a successful concept for over 100K years and some people obviously have more difficulty to adapt to civilization than others… *burp* .
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