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March 12th, 2007, 01:31
Originally Posted by BurlyBill View Post
Would this really be so bad? My computer components are generally better made than those found in the 360 and if something breaks, I can swap out rather than deal with an integrated mess.
Yeah but for game dev its a nightmare because if the new component is not exactly the same as the old one then theres a chance that the game will have issues with it. Its much easier to dev for consoles because you dont have to worry about the burden of hardware compability.

The really neat new thing about DX10 (apart from the new shiny) is that it forces - by gunpoint - graphics cards to apply a much more stricter set of rules than DX9. This will greatly lessen the compability burden for the part of the graphics cards because all dx10 cards work much more the sameway than dx9 ones. In future it will mean less bugs and faster development for PC games.
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