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March 12th, 2007, 01:35
fans are not equal to supporters.
in fact fans are often the antithesis of supporters as their fanatacism doesn't lead to sound decision making. plenty of the best/fashionablely creative dressed teens theive a good majority of their wardrobe. maybe the reason why older people pirate games is different and could partially have to do with the other reasons but the people downloading the games are a majority of people under 25 who like all youngsters must have some level of rebellion and downloading things of the internet whether music, games, or movies gives them a lot with rarely any consequences.

even if piracy is driving my game prices up and the games are riddled with more protection software, and i must suffer through a splash of consolitis i still will feel at ease and that the pc world loves me when compared to when i have to take my car to the gas station and proceed as follows: drop my pants, empty my wallet, and watch the blue disappear from the sky…
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