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March 12th, 2007, 21:10
I think most fans would be content (maybe even ecstatic!) if Bethesda remade Morrowind with:

- Oblivion's graphic engine (with PC - not console - interface)
- considerably improved facial textures/models (from the best mods)
- super-improved A.I. (radiant or otherwise)
- Tribunal, Bloodmoon and a NEW 3rd expansion included
- Improved level scaling with 2 difficulty modes: HARD & HARDCORE

That being said though, I hope the next one is in Summerset Isle.
And more than that, I hope Bethesda learns from all the negative criticism of Oblivion.

My wish list:

- Main quest leads to 3 seperate quests of which only 1 can be completed per play though.
- Faction/guild quests greatly affect main quest (dependent on which of the 3 you choose).
- Cannot join ALL factions/guilds - this is illogical.
- super-improved A.I. (radiant or otherwise)

Most of all, give us a a few choices as to where we start the game - make it dependant on which class you select. ONLY start me in a prison if I select a Thief-based class. Starting in prison is getting old, lol.
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