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March 13th, 2007, 14:55
Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
But the developers will need another 2 years until they understand how to unlock the XB360īs full potential - and a year longer for the PS3. Then PCs will have surpassed the current consoles.
Yes, this is exactly right! And this is also why we now see games on X360 that tries to use the extra power of the multiple CPU-cores by "boosting" some fairly simple and "non game critical" effects like extra particles, extra physics etc. It's very very hard to make full and general use of the multiple cores in a game engine - but fairly simple to get *something* running on the extra cores. So to me it makes perfect sense what the "Sacred 2" devs are doing.. aim for an engine that runs the game OK on a single-core machine (most PCs are still single-core and this will probably be the case for some time) - and then implement some extra features for the X360 to make the Microsoft people happy. Because of the unified memory of the 360 and because it's a fairly contained problem streaming of assets makes sense, and because of simplicity it also makes sense to boost some of the graphics as well.
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