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March 13th, 2007, 17:42
Originally Posted by doctor_kaz View Post
I think that might be the case now, but by mid or late 2008 most gaming PC's should have a dual core processor. Or, at least, they can at a pretty low cost. Aren't they targeting a little bit too much on the low end of the PC by targeting a single core?
Yeah, you might be right - or at least, most hard-core gamers might have dual-core in late 2008. But that's always the problem when developing for PC.. it always comes down to statistics and what target groups the publishers want to hit with their titles. And currently I think there is a huge target group that does not have the latest hardware, but instead buy their finished PC package at some discount store. Then, because of fancy buzz-words they were fed at the store, they expect to be able to play all the new games with their onboard graphics cards, low amounts of ram etc. Here is a link to the ever ongoing hardware survey that Valve is doing for their steam customers:


Notice especially the graphics card section - see how the cheap discount cards are represented? We've had shader model 2.0 cards for ages now - at least 5 yeards - but it's only with recent titles that it is stated as minimum specs, because nVidia put out their crappy budget GeforceFX cards that didn't have shader 2.0, but a lot of people bought them!! And that has, in my opinion, held back the development in graphics for many years. I was involved in a title that shipped for PC in 2005 - and our publisher still demanded minimum specs around 1.4Ghz, 256mb ram and shader model 1.1!

So, to finally answer your question (sorry about the rant) - no, I don't really think they are aiming too low when they have single-core PCs in mind for Sacred 2.
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