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March 13th, 2007, 23:26
I know who they missed…

Norma "Meltdown" Jessop

Bio: Don't mess with Meltdown. She may be smiling in her file photo, but that smile is deceptive. This mercenary is legendary; an enemy once died at her feet from fear before Meltdown had even raised her weapon. As for her taste in weapons, the bigger, the better. In fact, Meltdown has a tendency for overkill in virtually every aspect of her life.

Quote #1: "<sniff> Smells like we're crawlin' up a mudpuppy's ass."
Quote #2: "That's it? C'mon, you pussy, get up and fight! I was just warming up! HAHAHAHA!"
Quote #2: "Too many men in this line of work. They're great for the grunt stuff, but they just don't have the stomach for the rough stuff."
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