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March 14th, 2007, 14:41
After some quick testing, DF looks at least as playable as it was under 0.63. My only real problem under that version was that mage guilds and palaces usually run around 1 FPS, with the CPU hovering around 15%. Bumping the clock count only makes you move around at warp speed.

I tried v0.70 with the CPU set to auto/auto, and wowsers, DF was running high frame rate and I was able to move around at normal speed. Looked great. The wierd thing was all of the NPCs in town were playing a walking animation at normal speed, but they were only moving at a snail's pace.

Also tried SS1, and can now get it to run very smooth at 640x480 with max details. Sadly, cyberspace is still a pain in the arse to navigate, but that's a design problem with the game -- it really needs mouselook to control orientation.
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