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March 14th, 2007, 21:35
Originally Posted by Arma View Post
Well, I wouldn't have the same picks as the editor. I'd have added more characters from PC games, such as Jayna and Sylvanas (WC3) or Aribeth (NWN the only thing that made the game passable). Some games deserved more slots on the list - Annah would not be my first choise NPC from PST - as that would be Fall-From-Grace, but don't want to leave both of them out, and Jaheira would not be my BG/2 pick if I had to choose one - that would be Viconia, as she is a far more interesting character (and with better portrait as well, at least in BG2).

Yeah, I agree, my list would definitely include Viconia and Fall from Grace, but this is a site that lives up to it's name I guess -- twitchguru-- with a lot of stuff geared toward the young 'uns. (Not that you aren't a young 'un if you don't play all these games.. )
Still, I thought it was a fun flip-thru. Some of the profiles actually got me interested in games I've never thought of playing, like Resident Evil.
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