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March 15th, 2007, 05:02
Heh why are they listing so many females from fighting games?

Article aside my favorite female game character must be Kate Archer, She has beauty, charm, wit and knows how to handle tricky situations. Female James Bond so to speak And her sarcastic dry humour made laugh quite a few times in No one lives forever

Jill valentine from resident evil games is also quite a personality. If I ever wanted someone to save my butt from zombies, it should be her

Mara Jade from Mysteries of the sith. A rogue Jedi walking the fine line of dark and light. I reallly dig her attitude, not your typical damsel in distress..sort of female han solo. I wish we could see her again in a jedi knight game someday. Its truly a shame lucas arts hasn't seen her potential…

Kreia from kotor 2. She was really playing my mind all the time.. And it was great that she was an older woman…A fresh experience to have her as a mentor. Not your ordinary granny from the block

Bastilla from kotor 1. An independent young woman but very fragile inside.. nicely writen character.

Lara croft. Nobody can deny that She is a remarkable female hero. I never had akward feeling of her being in a lead role. From the first moment in tr1 she was beliveable. I think she has a bit of same attitude in her like in Ripley from Aliens.

Anna nevara from deus ex 1. oh man, she is really cold. No mercy to anyone who crosses the line..very cool and frightening female villain. The scene in 747 is one of the memorable gaming moments.

Mona Sax from max payne games. A damsel in distress yes, but knows how handle herself…The ending made me nearly drop a tear.
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