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March 15th, 2007, 12:40
Originally Posted by bjon045 View Post
Another local example for me is fake rolex watches, the difference here is that the companies selling genuine rolex watches don't care about they people selling counterfeit copies because they know people buying the fakes would never even dream of being able to buy a genuine one.
The thing is, even Rolex makers would start to care when the people who CAN afford to buy the Rolex CHOOSES to get the fake instead.

Are the suits wrong when the add all the numbers of the pirated games together, even though some of them are from countries where the game in question isn't available in stores and a legal purchase wouldn't be possible? Absolutely.

Does that mean piracy isn't a problem in countries where people CAN afford to buy the games if they get their priorities straight? Absolutely NOT.

Originally Posted by Elwro
I was going to comment about posts the sole purpose of which seem to be the use of and false analogy, but OK, I'll let it go too.
If we hadn't let all of this go I might have said that I'm simply sick and tired of always having to deal with the schoolyard antics of proving a classmate to be a rock or an alien in 3 sentences by the use of fake logic when it comes to piracy discussions. It might not be theft when the physical object isn't up for sale, according to the law books, but when your business model is based on customers paying to use the product and they don't, then infringement, freeloading, piracy all amounts to the same effect as theft of a physical product, so it is just using semantics to avoid dealing with the problem … but since we'd decided to let it go, I'm not going to say anything … consider the above "thinking out loud"
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