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March 15th, 2007, 23:20
Originally Posted by Ionstormsucks View Post
Ahh, I think we will not find common ground here. I my opinion your approach to the problem is just too simple.
I think you might be surprised. I agree with most of your last post.

My main point is simple: don't give me bullshit excuses* about quality or price - individuals pirate because they can easily take the game for free with almost no chance of consequences. That's it. The rest is all justification and obfuscation.

Zooming out to a macro level, I agree with many of your points. Piracy will always exist in some form or another but the market is changing, so companies will do best to find ways to move with the times and work with their potential customer bases to get the best result.

My lesser point is we need to understand the realities of this corner of the games market. Niche projects from small companies will always involve a higher level of risk and QA is likely to be the first budget trimmed when the crap hits the fan. It's not desirable but it is inevitable to some extent. The only cure is to move to the big end of town and play the major console releases (and perhaps a handful of PC games from the likes of Blizzard). In that case, instead of compromising on quality and polish you are choosing a different gameplay model. I'm not saying we should simply accept poor quality but we do need to appreciate the bar needs to be set at a different level to console releases. This has nothing to do with the main piracy discussion but has been raised several times in this thread.

*I'm primarily talking about western pirates and don't want to get bogged down over fringe examples of disadvantaged people.
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