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March 16th, 2007, 05:04
Originally Posted by Squeek View Post
You lost me at this point, Dhruin. What is it that Blizzard can do that you can't? And why is that, exactly?
This is really a different can of worms to the original discussion but that's my fault for going back to it.

Starting with…

Originally Posted by Ionstormsucks
Look at the quality of games. There is a tremendous difference between console games and PC games when it comes to technical quality. Console games are fairly bug free (because hard to patch), PC games are often one big patch orgy.
There are a number of reasons consoles generally have less trouble than PC games, some of which ISS goes on to discuss.

One of the other reasons not discussed is sort of the reason many of us are here (in a round about way). Console game developments are self-selecting to a degree. In other words, the process weeds out or discourages projects that are less viable in favour of projects that meet certain criteria (larger developer, better funding, "broader" appeal to more gamers).

To get a console game made, developers need approval from the licensor (Sony, MS, Nintendo) -- a bunch of stuff never gets past that, they'll need dev kits and they know they'll have to pass certification. There's no choice on this, so it has to be budgeted for.

That limits the number and types of games - anyone ever complained that BioWare just hasn't been the same since BG2? (Not saying I necessarily agree but plenty of people would raise their hand).

I tend to like RPGs that often aren't all that commercially viable, such as Troika's stuff a some Eastern European games - as with a lot of other people here.

Those smaller projects are often under-funded, so QA is one of the first things to suffer. But, if it wasn't that way, they often wouldn't get made in the first place. Those who want console-like bug-free operation are going to be regularly disappointed by niche genres such as hardcore RPGs, because there is less investment in these games to start with. Someone like Blizzard has a huge QA budget -- but they only develop slam-dunk titles.

Simply: better QA is always desirable but we need to be realistic about niche markets.
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