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March 16th, 2007, 19:07
Ah, I always love to quote from the Escapist when it comes to spector. In issue nr. 38 he writes:
We have to find ways to go direct to consumers. We have to tap into that $10 or $15 a month MMOG players get charged and forget about long after they've lost interest in the game. I mean, NCsoft got about $60 off of me after I stopped playing City of Heroes and before I remembered to cancel my subscription. My wife's WoW habit has gone down to once or twice a week now, but Blizzard is still collecting her $15, like clockwork, and she can't bring herself to stop playing completely.
Nice attitude. Cool, developers of single player, offline games have to find ways to charge players of such games 10 or 15 $ a month long after they have lost interest in the game. Whenever I read that sentence I'm sitting there staring at that sentence wondering how retarded, shameless, or both must a person be to write something like that?
Shows me what kind of person Spector is. I'm not saying he did not create nice games, but today he seems to be only after people's money.
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