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March 16th, 2007, 20:22
thanks for that quote. i however get something entirely different from that small morsel. first i see him giving examples of his and his wifes wastes of money for something that didn't really have a lasting content. personally i think this taps into all our desires to have subscription based items wheter it a game, newspaper, magazine, online movies, etc. for people who have tons of free time subcriptions are usually good deals, like a netflix account or a gym membership. ultimately though we all live much more sporatic lives where even if used intensely for a while the usuage peters off and we don't cancel either because of the hassle or we 'hope' to pick up the pace in the near future. so i think he is trying to tackle the issue that many people are spending more money on online games than offline games and ultimately getting less value for their money including himself. personally i would like to see quality episodic content released but there really hasn't been a good case of that to me since siege of avalon. the dreamfall chapters shows promise but to early to tell on that one.
also if warren spector wanted people money as a priority i think he would have chosen a mountain more of gaming jobs at larger companies than spending all these years under the radar attempting to make games he believes in.
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