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March 16th, 2007, 21:34
Okay. I finished the demo. The game seems almost as empty as Dungeon Lords. If you don't count mobs, there is VERY little covering the vast landscape. I actually bothered to clear a whole map just to see what was on it besides mobs. Nada. A few chests, a couple of ruins that can't be entered, and an occasional barrel or debris that can be smashed. That's it. The only reason to clear a map is if you want to kill stuff at level 30 instead of level 10. The game has level scaling that is exactly like Oblivions. You might fight a level 1, 10, 40 zombie in the same exact location.

If I were to compare Silverfall to Titan Quest, I'd say that TQ is a retail game while Silverfall plays like a shareware game. This is definitely a bargain shelf game unless the final build is lightyears ahead of the demo.
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