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March 16th, 2007, 23:02
Originally Posted by crpgnut View Post
Okay. I finished the demo.

The game seems almost as empty as Dungeon Lords. If you don't count mobs, there is VERY little covering the vast landscape. I actually bothered to clear a whole map just to see what was on it besides mobs. Nada. A few chests, a couple of ruins that can't be entered, and an occasional barrel or debris that can be smashed. That's it. The only reason to clear a map is if you want to kill stuff at level 30 instead of level 10. The game has level scaling that is exactly like Oblivions. You might fight a level 1, 10, 40 zombie in the same exact location.

If I were to compare Silverfall to Titan Quest, I'd say that TQ is a retail game while Silverfall plays like a shareware game. This is definitely a bargain shelf game unless the final build is lightyears ahead of the demo.
Fully agree with you. I'll get this when it's EUR 9.99 just to play around with it for a little while but they ain't getting full price for a click fest game with weird graphics, respawning monsters and corpse-camping from moi .
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