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March 17th, 2007, 11:08
Arena and Daggerfall were both quite cool games, especially at the time when they first came out. But one has to keep in mind that a lot of time has passed since they were released, and personally I think it begins to show. They might have appeared very complex when they were released, but I don't think Arena or Daggerfall is even *as* complex as the latest installment, Oblivion (and to be honest, it would also be very strange if it was). I think one has to be quite the old-school gamer or a huge fan of the series to be able to play and enjoy Arena today. I'm replaying Daggerfall a bit right now (since DosBox 0.7 runs it so well It is definitely absolutely *huge* (anyone knows exactly how many cities/dungeons? Seems like several thousands), but as a result it's also very generic. One particular game mechanic that I liked better in DF than in any of the sequels were how you had to keep working for a guild to maintain your status in it, and how you had to work a bit to gain access to the useful features like spell crafting etc in the mage guild. In MW and O it seems like you have instant access to all the cool stuff..
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