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March 17th, 2007, 18:42
ISS wrote:

Especially message boards are often used to vent your frustration, since they are fairly anonymous. On the other hand you also have to consider that even the most heated post shows that there is a fan who actually cares. If I were a game developer I would be more worried if my message boards were empty.
Good point(s)--in the examples I gave people were ranting wildly, yet the motivation was their involvement ( sometimes at a less than healthy level )with the company's game. My only problem with this is that a lot of the ranting was not constructive or helpful, and might lead to a poorer quality of game if catered to--as I think happened to HOMMV in it's horrible, easy, boring expansion to a series Nival originally had done pretty well with--but people new to the tb strat genre, and people used to playing the instant gratification mode in action rpg's found the game "insanely hard", got on the boards and pissed & moaned, and the game has gotten progressively blander and more generic with each patch and expansion.

But this is a digression from your point that developers may have more pressing concerns than piracy, a point with which I totally agree.

I have a question concerning the sites used for pirating--Bittorrrents has been mentioned. I'm not a big downloader so maybe someone could clarify why if these types of sites are such facilitators of piracy they are not the focus of anti-piracy restrictions instead of the user?

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