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March 17th, 2007, 22:05
What Squeek said is quite right. The greatest weakness of the torrent technology are the torrent-files, small files that contain the basic data about the data that is shared via the peer-to-peer network. The really prominent torrent-sites are harder to close than one might think. They are running on servers outside of the USA, often in countries where property rights are not as well protected as in the US or Europe.
Take The Pirate Bay for example. There were attempts to close the site that operates from a swedish server. In May 2006 the police confiscated the Pirate Bay servers, and even took several people into custody. The problem was that the servers where inside a bank building, and the police violated several laws by entering the building, searching it, and confiscating the servers. Obviously there are very strict laws in Sweden when it comes to searching bank buildings…
As you can see, these pirates are clever…

The problem is also that we are talking about filesharing here. These sites are not hosting illegal files, they are just hosting torrent-files. These do not contain the actual data (games, movies, etc.), they only contain general information about the file that you want to download. Note that filesharing is not illegal… if you ask these people they will probably tell you that they only provide a filesharing platform, and are not responsible for the kind of files that are shared. In theory, that is correct - filesharing is perfectly legal, in fact however it is so that probably over 90% of all files on these sites are illegal.
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