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March 18th, 2007, 21:11
I'm on record as claiming the Dales as my favorite IE games and I'm always glad to see them getting a little respect. To me they had the best dungeons I'd ever played, the best character creation and the best combat (other than the occasional sautee-ing of your complete front line by an ill-advised fireball) of any of the IE games. Some nice geeky nostalgia from Sawyer and the guys also.
Liked this quote:

GB: Why did you choose to put most of your development efforts into an Icewind Dale sequel rather than finishing Fallout 3/Van Buren or The Black Hound/Jefferson?

Josh: Both of those titles were using technology that was under development. Interplay wanted Icewind Dale 2 in four months. Finishing The Black Hound would have been impossible in that time frame. Creating an Icewind Dale sequel in that time frame was also impossible, but it was less impossible.
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