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March 19th, 2007, 00:26
I have played Icewind Dale 1 2-3 times I think. It IS a very good game.
And while I know that Sawyer said in the in the interview that it was to be more of a hack n slash fest or game than say the BG games, I really don't think it they were that different.

At least to me, the team made a game which has a lot of combat (but then again, so does the BG games ) and underneath all of this is a very sad story about man versus nature and how man triumphs over nature (sort of). In the Heart of Winter this is so. But then in the final battle in Icewind Dale 1, you learn that someone has done something to someone so that it only seems that way. And I like the way that villain's name is taken from a play by the French Author, Moliere. [I won't say anymore, because it would be spoiler of sorts].

I can certainly understand why people wanted another Baldur's Gate - but then again, I think people forgot that Bioware didn't make Icewind Dale - Black Isle & Interplay did. And so, the games, IWD1+2, would be very different. But as I stated above, I really don't think they are that different. There are still focus on story, character interaction, dialoque, choice & consequence etc. I remember fondly that you could get a man to give up drinking if you had high enough WIS and INT, I think.

As for Icewind Dale 2, I think that Interplay sort of shot themselfes in the foot when they demanded the sequel in four months. This means, (have I been told) that a lot of the location from Icewind Dale 2 were re-used and re-hashed. And this has, imo, a lot do with the fact that Icewind Dale didn't sell as well as projected.
I also think it confused a lot of people that you now had to spent points when creating a character instead of rolling the dice. [It was sort of execusable,( if that's a word), in PS: Torment, since the game featured a protagonist you couldn't make yourself, and the setting were, was and is very much different from other D&D games].

And these games do deserve to get full respect, credit and the honour that becomes them. Especially: Trials of the Luremaster is brilliant, imo.

And yes, these games seems to be the last of batch of the real games, we gamers got way back when Interplay & Black Isle were alive. I guess they forgot their slogan: For gamers - by gamers. And went after the money instead --- not a very smart move, imo. [Sort of off topic, but bear with me: I have seen Fallout: BOS for the Xbox, and it does look as if it is a typical shooter game, where you use your rifles and weapons to restore peace to the Fallout universe - not a game that the typical Fallout fan would buy].

Normally, I would say that I would like an Icewind Dale 3 game, but I don't think that I would do so - now. I don't know how the game would be if it were released -
but let's just be joyus and thankfull for the games we got .

And hope that the day will game when good stories are as important as good graphics….
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